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How would you feel if your partner kept secrets from you for his friends?

Asked by chelle21689 (4961 points ) January 1st, 2014

The past week my boyfriend kept disappearing a couple times saying there was a urgent meeting for his boys (his group of friends). I asked what for and he said it was top secret but it’s a good secret. I thought it had to be someone getting married but I didn’t know who.

Anyways the girlfriends/wives weren’t allowed to know the secret either. Yesterday when the ball dropped, all the guys took off the shirts and lined up with shirts underneath their clothes that spelled “Will you marry me?” for his friend’s girlfriend. It was so sweet and I teared up. Later it turned out that ALL the guys ended up telling their wives and girlfriends the secret and everyone knew on it except me.

I was the only one that didn’t know and all the girls played along with me pretending they didn’t know what it was. Keep in mind none of the girls knew that any of the other girls knew because they kept it a secret too. I felt some type of way, not angry but I guess a little jealous that their men were close enough to them to not keep any type of secret from them and my MAN was the only one that did. I guess it can be seen as a good thing he knows how to keep it a secret but I just hate the fact I bugged him to know why he kept disappearing off and he wouldn’t tell me exactly why when all the other girls had their men tell them. How would you feel? A little bit jealous that the other girls had their men trust them enough? I’m not making it an issue in my relationship but just curious to know what ya’ll think lol

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