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Change SEO Target Pages Urls?

Asked by bhupinder (7 points ) May 19th, 2014


I have a query regarding our SEO. For 1.5 years, we have been working on our URL -

but recently we changed the pages to wordpress pages and so the reason the URL have been renamed to

there have been title, description and content improvement too and so the reason our ranking have gone to almost nothing. We wanted to ask if by some way our 1.5 year effort could be saved and we could somehow told google that these pages have been just re-directed.

We don’t want to spend next 1.5 year building the links, promoting etc. So does anyone has a idea on how to fix this ?

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Start here.

He is the main guy at Google that figures out how Google ranks pages. I would hope that you know about .htaccess to modify links.

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Try 301 redirect, it will help alot and automatically it will direct old links to the new ones.

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In my opinion you have temporarily redirected your pages from php to wordpress. In my opinion you have to do 301 permanent redirect of the pages. It will help.

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