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Can I work in Canada without a permission or what do I need in order to work in Canada?

Asked by polycinco (187 points ) June 27th, 2011 from iPhone

I am an international student from Guatemala. I am currently waiting for a permission to work here in the US however it is very difficult right now to find any Jobs. I have been thinking about moving to Canada but since I am not a legal resident from the US is it legal for me to come to Canada and work there? I would really like any help or information on this topic and would greatly appreciate any information!

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I don’t live in Canada BUT it is a requirement to have a “Work” Visa to work in Canada. Special “skills” requirements for a Visa is the easiest.

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How do I apply for special skills? Or what counts as special skills?

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Go to the Canadian Embassy nearest you and ask. Shows how old I am to say that, go to the Canadian Embassy website and look it up.

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Work as what?

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