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How long do I have to wait after giving my cat a deworming treatment before I can let him share a litterbox with the other cats?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (23285 points ) August 8th, 2011

My vet sent us home with a liquid wormer to give my cat tonight. He mentioned keeping the cat quarantined for about 24 hours for a different medication to work, but I forgot to ask about the wormer.
So if I give it to him tonight, how long before I can let him back into the house with the other cats? I just don’t want them all to end up with worms.

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Call the vet’s office in the morning and ask. Without knowing which treatment method(s) the vet used, it is real hard to give a definitive answer.

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Okay, thanks.

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I just sent this to syz. I doubt I was the first. :-)
I’m still thrilled that he’s back!

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I don’t know what the quarantine is about – do you know what drugs were given?

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@syz just Frontline and a steroid shot. I’m not sure what the wormer is, the same broad spectrum my vet always gives… I don’t know the name offhand. The 24 hour quarantine was to 1.)give him a chance to regain some strength, and 2.)to prevent the fleas from taking over the house. Kitty has been to hell and back.

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Oops, I mean Advantage. I forgot that my vet was going to use Frontline, but I brought the Advantage that I already had at home.

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I kept the kitten away from the cats for about a month. I was concerned since one of my cat’s was already ill. I was also concerned she’d get enough food.

I’d say after he’s healthy enough for a good bath once all the fleas are dead and gone.

I think you’ll need to decide if/when he can stand his ground with the other cats. Since I think you’re home during the day, you can keep an eye on him, all should be fine.

EDIT: I did wind up treating the other cats with Advantage too…just to be on the safe side.

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@SpatzieLover the other cats have had their Advantage, I always treat my pets. They are indoor only cats, but I treat them just to be safe. I just want to avoid an infestation with the fleas, of course.
Worms, however, are a bigger concern. Trying to contain worms when you have 5 pets is way harder than trying to contain fleas. That is the kind of thing I just don’t like to risk.
They didn’t do a stool sample, and his stomach isn’t bloated.. but I just assumed where there are fleas there are tapeworms, so I wanted to be on the safe side. I haven’t see anything unusual in his stool, but I just don’t want any issues.

He recognizes the other cats, but they are still a little bit wary of him. He was missing for a long time, so I figured there would be an adjustment period. Hopefully things go back to normal quickly, but their health is my primary concern. He already looks 10 times better than he did yesterday, which I’ll take as a good sign.

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Did the vet draw blood and test for worms? If so, then there may not be any worms and the dewormer was just a prophylactic.

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@WestRiverrat he didn’t test for worms. He just gave the usual wormer that we always get off of him, I’m not sure what it is off the top of my head. All in all the cat seems to be okay. I will leave him in the front room for at least one more day and keep checking his poo. Fun. ;)

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