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What is the technical term for "oat beetles"?

Asked by likipie (1448 points ) February 1st, 2012

Growing up, I called these little bugs “oat beetles” because they look like a little oat with legs. They’re practically indestructible (I mean I can flick one across the room and it hits the wall and just gets up and goes about it’s business!), they’re light brown with oat like markings on their backs and from what I’ve observed, their abdomens are fairly flat looking. My little sister has suddenly taken a liking to observing bugs and I was trying to look up some cool facts about these alleged oat beetles and can’t find them ANYWHERE!!! Help would be greatly appreciated!

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Maybe this will help-

You can also try looking for beetles specific to where you live (or lived). That’s another approach.

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@Male Thank you!

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Without a picture, my first guess would be that it’s some sort of a “plant bug,” like this guy. If you look up plant bugs that live in your area you might be able to narrow it down more from there.


I would highly recommend getting The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Insects and Spiders. (Assuming you’re in North America.) It has colored pictures, great information, and makes it easy to look stuff up. When I was little and bug hunting, it was always with me.

Good luck! :)

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@8Convulsions Yes, I am in North America and I will have to look into this book. Thank you so much!

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