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How do I recover a hard drive?

Asked by koesac (148 points ) May 31st, 2008

So I reinstalled Windows XP on a laptop and need to get off all the photos and emails that I lost. I know I am an idiot! What is the best way of doing this? I have found some programs:

So I was wondering if anyone has used any of these or any others or has any tips. I know that it is best to use a usb drive to avoid disk writes, is there anything else?

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If the information is important, do not switch on the laptop and speak to a data recovery company. You’ll probably pay something like $200 and it’ll serve you well.

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My Mac Book Pro hard drive has crashed and I’m in the process of replacing it. However, I had a lot of important data on that hard drive that he needs recovered. Then I found this data recovery software that recovers data from corrupt/bad hard drives. And fully supported for NTFS/FAT32 mac files. Thanks!

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