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Does he like me? I need your opinion?

Asked by MixedEmotions (3 points ) December 16th, 2013 from iPhone

Well, basically theres this boy in my class & I have a crush on him. He only flirts with me & this other girl in the class . Once he admitted it he said ” I flirt with ___ , but i don’t like her” I also flirt with ___(me) but I don’t like her.” He could be lying . He always goes back and forth flirting with us and the that GIRL is my friend. He gives us both hugs. But , sometimes he doesn’t even though he tries to but someone always gets in the way . But he ALWAYS finds a way to hug her. The only difference is the WAY he flirts . For her he flirts gentle & ya know KIND . But , for me he pinches me & he’s teases me . I heard when they tease you they like you and he punches me (not hard) . Also he draws on my arms. I never see him do that to her. They say that is the way boy’s find a way to touch you without being obvious. But, even my friends tell me that he likes me . But , I’m unsure. One day she was absent and it was DOUBLE the hugs DOUBLE the conversation . It’s too confusing help!

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Ask him to go for coffee or a soda (whatever you drink)—not when the other girl is around. The answer will tell you whether he likes you.

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Welcome to Fluther.

If you want to watch him squirm, ask him an honest question and pay attention to his reaction. You won’t be giving up any information about yourself when you ask it, if you can ask it emotionlessly.

Just ask him sometime, when it’s just the two of you and he doesn’t have to show off for anyone else, “If you don’t like me, then why are you always around?”

He probably won’t have an answer for that, and the question itself may even drive him away – for awhile. But since he obviously likes you, as everyone else who has graduated from junior high school already knows, it won’t be for long. He’ll be back. I hope that you are, too.

Let us know how it goes.

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Have you been here before, under another user name, and asked similar questions? Pinching, punching and drawing on your arms makes it seem that you both are very young. Boys are slow to grow up and get it, I do remember.

How old are you?

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It seems flattering, in a way. Boys like that try to collect girls, like stamps, or bugs. At first they convince themselves they like these girls, all of them. It’s really all about pampering themselves. It’s sort of like charm bracelets. They like the charms, they picked most of them for some special reason. They enjoy the sparkle, the tinkle. If someone says,“You know, that charm is really bad. Nobody likes that one.” Most would just take it off, give it away or something. If we lost our charm bracelet, we’d be bummed, but we’d get a new one. That’s your guy. He’s picking charms to hang on his bacelet, so all the guys will be impressed when he flashes it around.
My daughter had the exact same problem at the beginning of the school year. She too was confused. I told her not to worry, in a couple of weeks or so there wouldn’t be a problem anymore. I was right. He became such a huge pain in the armoire she was faced with how to get rid of this nut. He got really pushy for a while. Things are better now. Everyone sees what he is like, and nobody wants to be involved with him anymore. Maybe someday he will get some help, but that’s a job for professionals.

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