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”Plugged in, not charging” those who using Windows 7 Pro, is anyone is getting this message?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (20282 points ) December 21st, 2013

I got this Asus Eee notebook, for the most part it is a welcome upgrade for me, (yeah, yeah, but I was using a dinosaur before, so it maybe too slow for you, but it is fast enough for me)I noticed that the battery icon was not appearing like it was charging. When I mouseover it, it says plugged in, not charging. However, I can use it for several hours plugged into the AC adapter and the machine doesn’t die, and the still said 97%. I took it off AC for a few minutes because I was not near a plug and it dropped to 96% but no lower after I plugged the machine again into the AC. The battery certainly doesn’t seem to be draining in the AC, but not charging either. If you are using Windows 7 have you run into this occurrence? If you have, did you figure out why it was doing it, and what did you do to clear it up?

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