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Generally, would you rather eat at a local, home owned restaurant or a chain with consistently reliable food?

Asked by ibstubro (18187 points ) January 22nd, 2014

Personally, I’m always looking for the ‘local favorite’ restaurant. If there’s local culture or ethnicity, I’m game and score. What’s to lose? You love it, you have a great memory, you hate it, you have a great story.

Friends determined we’d eat at Texas Road House tonight. It was, as I suspected, long (getting seated), loud (they scream things about birthdays that are unintelligible to all but the table) and chaotic (the employees line danced in an area not walkable.

I have another set of friends that toured the Eastern seacoast eating at nothing but McDonald’s. The wife has a tender stomach and prefers the consistency of Micky D’s. I would have gotten her drive through and made her eat it at a mom-and-pop seafood restaurant.

Fast food? I’m all about Taco Bell, Subway or Quiznos. That’s a separate topic.

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