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Do muscle relaxer Robaxin presciption go out of date?

Asked by theblessethone (4 points ) May 4th, 2014

the last refill was July 2012 and there is no expiration date on it.

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It’s expired, but I would take it if you have kept it in a dark dry place.

I’m not a doctor.

You might want to try some ibuprofen first so you aren’t do drugged up. 600mg a glass of water and a some food. 50 minute wait until it kicks in.

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The shelf life of Robaxin is 5 years after date of manufacture, but you don’t get to know when it was manufactured, so do so with care.

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Generally when medication goes past its expiration date, this means that you risk it being less effective, not that you risk getting sick because you use it.

I’m not a doctor, either.

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