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Why does my back hurt when I sweep?

Asked by tinyfaery (38187 points ) October 25th, 2008

Is it my technique? Could it be the broom style or height? I don’t have any back problems. What could it be? If you have had the same experience, did anything help or make it disappear?

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The act itself puts strain on the lower back, try standing further upright…maybe a taller broom would help. It happens to m too. But our broom is freaking child sized and I am 5’8.5”...soo. Ouch.

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You are using a muscle that you don’t normally use and it is getting a workout.

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I think maybe your body is allergic to housework. So is mine, incidentally. I also get a sore back when I sweep so I feel your pain.

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Stand up straight and as an Austrian ski instructor used to say to me, with no great success,“Bend ze knees.”

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I useally avoid that happening by not sweeping at all give it a try trust me it works also I am fairly lazy haha

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all manual labor gives me a pain. try kicking the dirt…

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I get the same back ache. My sacri-iliac joint easily gets out of line. Instead of pushing pulling the vacuum with one arm, stiffen your arm and walk the vacuum forward and back, keeping your spine in alignment. Or, call merry maids!

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