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What's a good computer chair mat to get for hardwood?

Asked by Sakata (3332 points ) March 7th, 2009

I’ve got hardwood floor and the computer chair is starting to screw it up. Anyone know of a good mat I can put down to save the wood? I’ve used regular mats in the past and they get dirt under ‘em and basically turn into sandpaper underneath.

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I’m thinking those mats you get to put weight lifting stuff on would do a good job of protecting your floor.

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I’ve seen mats in offices that are a thin carpet-type on top with a thin rubber layer underneath. I’m thinking that might work better than the hard plastic ones. I need to get one, too. My floor is really f’ed up under my chair. :(

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It may take a wee bit of assembly, but…

They make big pieces of rubber that is semi-soft. Get one of those, and then use a hard plastic floor mat with the teeth on the underside (used for carpets), by sticking the teeth into the rubber. Cut the rubber/plastic thingy to size…

This would be non-slip, but also sturdy enough to roll across.

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chairmats in office depot or staples will do the job.

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Just get a square floor rug and put it where you have your computer chair, then get a grippy plastic desk carpet saver like I have to keep the rug from getting damaged.

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