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Paint Shop Pro X2 is not recognizing all my Picture Tubes?

Asked by Daethian (334 points ) August 30th, 2009

In previous versions of PSP I simply added the tube or png files to my tubes folder and they would be loaded. I have over 4k tubes so the idea of individually opening and exporting them all is very distressing. Anyone know if there is another way?

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I love PSP. I find it easier to use than P-Shop because it’s simpler to use but just as powerful. But yeah, it has some bugs.

What I do is just save images as GIF files (with transparency) in a designated GIF folder, and they work just like picture tubes. That even has the advantage that you can view them from Windows explorer outside of PSP. Personally, I find that a nice advantage.

Now, I know you’re going to say that GIFs suck because they’re limited to a palette of 256 colors. But, as for me, most things I would put in a picture tube are simple graphics anyway that aren’t hurt by that limit.

Hope this helps :-)

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There was a recent software update and a bunch more of my tubes started working on their own! not all but a big portion!

I’ll try your trick too :)

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