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Have you taken the drugs. lamictal, zoloft, lithium, or seroquel?

Asked by buster (10216 points ) October 17th, 2009

Im curious about peoples experience with these drugs. There positive effects, side effects, emotional effects. I currently take zoloft, lithium, and seroquel. My new doctor has suggested tapering me off lithium and be on lamictal. Whats up with lamictal? I haven’t heard anybodies experience with it. All I know is lithium is hard on the kidneys and liver. I have to get bloodwork every 6 months to check lithium levels and liver and kidney function. It makes me nauseous in the morning and sometimes i lose my breakfast. Yeah I would just like to discuss these meds with people. I listen to the doctors and read up but I value personal experiences because they are valid too.

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