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How do I solve a GRUB 1.5 boot error?

Asked by jazzjeppe (2266 points ) January 8th, 2010

I earlier posted a question asking for help to reorder OS in when I boot computer in dual-boot, Win7 and Ubuntu. A couple of days ago I formated, deleted, reinstalled, formated, deleted, reinstalled, jumped on, screamed at, “Office Space”-ed with baseball bat – but what would ya know, I still get a GRUB 1.5 Error 21!

How? There shouldn’t be a single Linux file on the hard drives! Has it infiltrated BIOS? I can boot normally if the Windows disc is inserted (only inserted, not booting from). This is so annoying I can almost chop of a limb…

Hilfe! Help! SOS! Hjälp! Aiuto! 帮助! Aider!Ayuda! (etc.)

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Have you checked all disks? Depending on your linux install there could be a hidden /boot partition outside of the one you installed linux on.

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download supergrub cd from here and you’ll boot whatever you want plus you can fix your grub

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Oh, would you have happened to install Wubi instead of a regular Ubuntu install?

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All discs checked and regular Ubuntu. I mean, it’s so weird. All discs and partitions have been formated. I’ll check out supergrubdisc!

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@jazzjeppe do you mean you formated the disks and now you want to use win7? I fthat is the case know that grub installs on the first motherboard sector so it doesn’t matter if you format the disks your grub will still be there. If you can’t figure it out using supergrub come back and tell us what exactly is your problem and what exactly you want to do with your os and boot

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I had the exact same problem as you. Whatever the OS your own now. Assuming its Windows 7 or Vista or something similar then you should use the installation disk. Boot from that.

This has a good description of how to do it

Using the fixmbr will get rid of the grub menu completely

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