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What kind of cap is it that Leon and Mathilda wear in the movie "Leon" (called "The Professional" in the U.S.)?

Asked by MissAnthrope (21436 points ) March 17th, 2008

Also, there is a similar version of this cap in the movie “American Pie 2”, worn by the character Finch.

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isn’t it a beanie?

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I’d call it a watch cap. Same thing really but its more of a military term which suits the character.

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Hmm.. not exactly. I believe the cap is Middle Eastern and has a specific name.. I think maybe it’s a kufi.

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I agree with Lightlyseared. It looks more like a watch cap than a Kufi.

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Definitely a rolled up watch cap or beanie

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Not that kind.. they wear something besides that, a crocheted kind. :)

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if your canadian its called a toque

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