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Is Paypal safe to use?

Asked by joon1986 (185 points ) July 19th, 2010

Few days ago, I was searching for info on Android phone online and found a lady who said she is selling a smartphones cheap
so I sent several emails and now I am about to close the deal with her
I am guessing I have to pay her through paypal and she will send me the phone when she receives her payment..right??
so I was wondering how safe is to use paypal in this situation
If this turns out to be a there a way for me to get my money back(cancel the transaction or something)??
I know many people use paypal to buy stuffs from ebay and want to know if you guys had problem with paypal??

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I’ve used them for about 10 years & I’ve ran into scams before but paypal has a very good resolution center & buyers/sellers protection plan policy. The only thing is, make sure you are qualified for it. Have a look here to see if you qualify.
Also, you don’t have to use bank transfer payments, if you have a credit card, you can link it to your paypal & purchase items with it, that way you get protection from your creditcard company as well as paypal.

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Yes it’s safe. Just do as @meatheadbox suggests and use your credit/debit bankcard if it has buyer protection. I’ve been scammed a couple of times, but always get my money back that way.

Keep good records on every transaction. Paypal will go to bat for you if you present them with good records, email chains, etc…

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If there’s a scam going here, it’s probably not PayPal. Can’t vouch for the too-good-to-be-true sounding phone lady, though.

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I used PayPal for 10 years because of eBay and I loved it because it was convenient but I don’t like how its too convenient for merchants to charge their customers. Personally, I have stopped using it.

If you are paying for something that has a subscription option, they can continually charge you for the item without your consent via PayPal. I had one magazine which I paid for 1 time that charged me small amounts every month. I contacted PayPal and they gave me the phone number to contact the company to ask for an explanation. The phone number led me to an automated service. I tried their website to cancel the subscription I never wanted. Paypal’s customer service expressed concern but could not help me recover my money. They just removed my bank information from my account to stop the charges.

The second company I had problems with had listed a disconnected number with PayPal. I don’t know why PayPal didn’t check to make sure the phone number was valid before asking me to do some research about the charges on my account. I filed another complaint with PayPal and they said to give them some time to help me recover my money. I have not heard from them but I received a little card in the mail with a code on it. They said it was “added security”.

The end result was that although most of the transactions went through smoothly, I was not protected from being scammed.

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It’s great, I recommend you use it!:)

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thank you all
I am now confident to use paypal to buy a new cell phone!!

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I have been using Paypal for at least ten years. It is safe, but use a credit card to pay for your purchase. Yes, with a credit card, you can do a charge-back if it turns out to be a scam. Always use credit cards for online shopping.

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Reasonably safe. Nothing is 100% safe.

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