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Should women of other faiths, be treated differently than Muslim women?

Asked by josie (30827points) November 19th, 2010

One of the things that makes the TSA’s job ridiculously complicated and increasingly preposterous is the refusal to “profile”.
The governing principle against profiling is that we should all be treated the same because we are all the same until or unless one of us tries to blow up an airplane.
Of course, we are not all the same. Some people are violent, some are peaceful, some people are angry, some are content, some are sociopaths, some are benevolent, some are intent on killing Americans, some are not etc. And that is true in real time, not after a crime has been committed.
Plus if there was no concern that somebody just might blow up an airplane in the future, then there would be no TSA.
But that is apparently beside the point.
In the wake of the current controversy about the xray scanners and pat downs at airports, and in response to protests by CAIR,Janet Napolitano has floated a trial balloon that Muslim women may be allowed to refuse the scanner and perform their own pat down.
Seems OK to me.
When it occurs, it’s usually a Muslim man that wants to blow up airplanes, not Muslim women.
But having said that, what about women of other faiths? Or women of no faith. Or men?
Since we are all the same, and since we should be treated the same, shouldn’t we be allowed to do our own pat downs as well?
Or are we not really all the same?
But if we are not all the same, then some level of profiling would be rational.
Or would it?
I’m a little confused. Can some of you help me out?

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