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You find out a teen is pregnant after another teen confides in you. What would you do?

Asked by cak (15836points) December 29th, 2010

The teenager that is pregnant is a friend of my daughter’s. The other teenager involved is my best friend’s son. My daughter was very conflicted and did something she rarely does, broke a promise not to tell and told me. Now I’m faced with a dilemma. My best friend and I have always agreed to allow our children to come us when they feel they can’t talk to their parents. We also agreed that if it is something detrimental to their health or emotional well-being, we would tell each other what was going on. I know he didn’t come to me, neither did the girl, but the fact is I know what is going on. Ignoring it seems wrong.

Now I’m faced with that issue and am struggling. I am hoping that he will do the right thing and tell his parents what is going on; because if he doesn’t, I will feel the need to step in – not a conversation I am ready to handle.

I’ve known this family for years, many years. We are more like family than friends. All of the children have confided in me about things, along the way, and I know that if I step in they will stop trusting me.

Help me Fluther. I’m torn.

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