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Are Second Amendment advocates and Gun Control Advocates (for lack of better labels) really that far apart from each other on the issues regarding legislation and regulation of firearms?

Asked by iamthemob (17137points) January 23rd, 2011

As loathe as I am to link to a study, this (which has a sample size of about 1000 people I believe) tends to show that there are many major issues that the majority of Americans agree on some of the most fundamental issues regarding gun control – most notably, the vast majority polled regardless of background or alignment felt that the government should not attempt to prevent law-abiding citizens from owning guns. Some of the major findings are fleshed out here.

If this is accurate, why do you think there’s a general perception that the two sides are so far apart? Or is the study missing a major factor that, if included, would have skewed the results to show the actual conflict in the numbers?

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