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Would there ever be a publication of collected 'best' answers from Fluther?

Asked by auntydeb (3244points) March 19th, 2011

I enjoy answering questions, but actually find other people’s answers to be immensely interesting and often useful. Some of the pieces written, the poems and personal stories are deeply moving and make excellent reading, outside of the context of the simple Q&A concept.

Has anyone thought of putting together collections of ‘best answers’? It’s the philosophical and personal content that draws me.

We live in straightened times; some of the habitual ways of dealing with our lives are proving damaging, humans are pretty bad at sticking by useful moral or ethical motives.

Hereabouts I have found that dozens of Jelly-folk share deeply caring and useful beliefs about life, properly ethical and personal motives in wanting to help each other.

Could we share to a wider audience, maybe with a ‘freedom’ like ‘Open Source’ – free to use, to refer to… Over to the Jelly realm!

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