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Do humans have inherent worth?

Asked by wundayatta (58586points) March 21st, 2011

If so, where does it come from? How can you support this idea?

In a question about whether people feel they have to perform in order to be worth loving, Augustlan made a comment asserting that people have inherent worth.

This seems like a very dubious statement to me. It seems to me we are worth nothing unless we are judged worthy by others. We can find worth in ourselves, but does that mean anything? We are ourselves. We can not be anything other than ourselves. To say we find ourselves worthy seems tautological. If we are alive, we have worth but that only reflects our own attitude about ourselves. Again, it is not inherent. You have to choose to find yourself worthy.

I would like to know how we could have worth to anyone else in an inherent way. It seems like other people have a choice, and there is no particular reason they should recognize anyone else as inherently worthy.

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