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We are moving to South Africa in Dec 2011, but I have never been?

Asked by BeccaBoo (2715points) April 9th, 2011

I would like your opinions and experiances on how different this is going to be for me. I have never been as we have never been able to afford to take all the children and us there. I am moving from Norfolk (a flat and green place, and pretty cold) to where my partner comes from in the Free State. I have my reservations on culture and how the people are different. My 16 son who has just finished school to go onto college is going to have to go back to school for a further 2yrs (he does not seem to fussed at this). My partner is a farmer (as are all his family) so this is going to be a real culture shock. My attitude is you have to try everything once, but i worry that i am going to hate it. I know nothing about it, and that i will stuggle with the language barrier, crime and how god loving they are. (This information is only what i have been told by my partner) Please if there are any South Africans with advice…...i need some help and positive input here.

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