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What interview questions would you ask of a leadership consultant?

Asked by tedibear (17559points) April 17th, 2011

My husband’s boss wants to have him work with a leadership skills consultant. Before he my husband agrees to this, he wants the opportunity to interview a few potential consultants/coaches. He’s fairly sure that his boss will let him do this.

Husband’s main concerns are:
1. That he “clicks” with this person. This way he will be more open to the process and any forthcoming suggestions.
2. He does not want a person who will take a “cookie-cutter” approach to the coaching process. He knows there are standard tests and processes beforehand such as the MBTI and 360 reviews, etc. but he wants the end result tailored to what his specific needs may be.

What questions would you ask to get answers to those concerns? And, what other questions would you ask?

Many thanks for any help you can provide!

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