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Knowing a cat's love of place, do you think many cats would have a hard time choosing between going with their loving owner to a new location or accepting a new and nice owner to stay in place?

Asked by anartist (14781points) April 18th, 2011

I once lost a beloved cat this way. He loved me very much. I could even take him into the shower with me. He followed me when I went out walking.

But he could not bear my housemate and his cats when I moved or his difficulty gaining access to outdoors as he had no cat door, and was confined to the second floor. He ran away repeatedly to his old home. There was nothing there for him. His cat door in the window was gone. I searched and searched and found him living feral under the house next door. I brought his food bowls and can opener and food and the familiar sound made him revert to a cat who knew me and I brought him back to his new house. Several times. But he would not stay [His mother accepted her new digs].

I finally took him to stay with a friend in the country until I could move again but he ran away from there and I never saw him again.

I have since read that cats are very attached to place. He was born in the bedroom closet of his first home.

Does anyone else have any experience with or knowledge of this?

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