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Does anyone have any music by Linda Worster? Or know how to find it?

Asked by DarlingRhadamanthus (11273points) May 11th, 2011

In the mid-80’s, I listened to this amazing folk singer named Linda Worster out of Massachusetts. I had two of her albums which I played until they were worn thin almost. In all my moves, I lost her music. I was able to find three tracks of hers on MySpace and one on Amazon (so, please don’t send me links to those.)

I was hoping that somehow, somewhere in the Fluther someone had her old recordings available from the 80’s and would share them with me and/or if they knew any way to find her old tracks. She was always an independent artist (at one point, I think——not sure——that she was available to purchase from Ladyslipper, but that was years ago. She isn’t available there now.) I think she may have been affiliated with Kripalu Yoga Institute (perhaps?). I can’t seem to find contact information on her either to perhaps ask her where I can find her old songs.

Any information would be greatly appreciated! Her voice is just gorgeous and her lyrics are deeply thoughtful and heartfelt. Great singer/songwriter.

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