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Have you experienced a wonderful physical sensation recently, other than a visual one?

Asked by _zen_ (7854points) May 27th, 2011

It has just started to rain – and it’s late May here in the sunny Middle East. We don’t get much rain between May and September, if any. So it was quite a treat – the sound, and especially the smell of a clean, new day suprisingly washed away by God’s tears.

Okay, I waxed a little poetic. But I am far, far from a visual person for various reasons. I have the sense of smell of a German Shepherd, and read between the lines most of the time, figuratively and literally. I really hear music, and I hear music even when there isn’t music.

A waft of perfume, the aroma of fresh baked bread for me are the rainbows of those who aren’t sight-challenged.

So for me, the rain was something special, extra-ordinary.

Have you had an extra-ordinary experience of your own recently – or not so recently – that involved one of the other senses?

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