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If you could turn into a cartoon or comic strip character for 24 hours, who would it be and how are you going to spend the day?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28887points) June 1st, 2011

Just another question for you to have fun answering and hopefully make others smile or laugh with your answers. Thanks!

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Daria Morgendorffer. I’d spend my day watching Sick,Sad World , eating pizza and cracking wise with my best friend.

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I’d turn into the swan princess and go looking for my prince.

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Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes and I’d laze in a big, sunny field all afternoon.

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@muppetish Oh man, Hobbes is the ultimate Tiger dude! I’ll be Hobbes anyday! ( I have all their comic books )

“Hobbes, stop stalking my shoes!”

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Casper’s cousin Spookie, he had more fun than Casper.

And I would haunt all the Flutherites.

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I would definitely be one of the ice fairies from the original Fantasia. I would just skate and skate and skate (plus I would sparkle and glow, but not like those dudes from Twilight).

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L from Death Note. Eat candy and save the world at the same time.


I’d be “The Tick” and just goof off all day like a little kid.

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Bill the Cat. ‘Ack’ or a character of my own making in Bloom County.

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Daffy Duck & i’d go around shopping malls screaming whoo-hoo at all the burly security guard types…’s a hobby! :¬)

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@ucme Ok now that made me want to be Bugs Bunny and walk around hospitals asking every doctor while nibbling on carrot, “What’s up doc?”

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I guess I could be the Tazmanian devil and go around eating stuff. It is what I like to do all day anyway ;)

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@queenie Lol. That guy would make so much ruckus, there will be a flood of 911 calls! : )

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I’d be Daphne (Mystery, Inc/Scooby Doo fame) and I’d spend the day chasing after Fred, (not realizing that he’s gay) AND unmasking Old Man Smithers!

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