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In the future, Do you think a Bleeding Effect is possible?

Asked by Axemusica (9467points) June 4th, 2011

I watched a movie I hadn’t seen in quite a while the other night. eXistenZ was the movie & it made me wonder. If there were to be games, programs, some form of “tapping into” simulations, would it leave people with a bleeding effect? If you’re not familiar with the movie you might be familiar with a game entitled Assassin’s Creed. Desmond (The main character) is in a machine that kind of takes over his senses to be put into the virtual place to learn about things from his families past. When he’s out of the machine he hallucinates & often sees things as if he were still in the machine.

Do you think if this were to ever come into the public, wouldn’t you think there would be tons of psychosis? Where majority of the public (those of which use this contraption) would have a hard time discerning life from fantasy?

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