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What are you counting as "fine" when you say "blank happened, and I turned out just fine" (details)

Asked by Aethelflaed (13752points) July 2nd, 2011

Sometimes I hear people say things like “I was goth as a teenager, and I turned out just fine” or “My parents spanked me, and I turned out just fine”. Which leads me to question (especially when I don’t know the person well), what exactly it is that they think is fine. For instance, does turning out fine involve being free of non-hereditary mental disorders? What if they struggled with a heroine addiction for years, or went to prison? What if they got really depressed for years, and finally attempted suicide? What about got expelled from secondary school? What if they did one of those things, but now have a great life with a great job, family, friends, stable finances, etc? If a person says “I smoked pot, and I turned out fine”, do you disagree that they turned out fine if they also spent a couple years self-mutilating? How awesome does a person’s life have to be, and have to always have been, for them to have “turned out fine”?

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