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Do you have a "Net 10" prepaid mobil phone horror story?

Asked by gondwanalon (20472points) September 22nd, 2011

Have you had an issue with NET 10 like mine?
My wife bought me a 30 day prepaid Net 10 phone card. I went to the Net 10 web site and activated my phone. I turned on my phone and the screen message said “Welcome back”. I assumed the the phone would function properly as it did in the past. 20 days later I tried to use the phone and got an error message. I contacted NET 10 by email and they responded one week later with list of instructions for me. I tried the instructions a few days later when I had time to no avail. When I finally called NET 10 on the phone for help I was told by two people that I have to buy another prepaid card because my 30 days was up. They refused to refund my money or activate my phone even though they knew that I could not use my phone for the last 30 days. I felt like I had just been totally ripped off.

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