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Legal folk: what do I say in this affidavit?

Asked by XD (1519points) November 23rd, 2011 from iPhone

I filed an appeal for a traffic case for which I was judged guilty of speeding. The basis for my appeal is that I was denied my right to cross examine the witness (the cop who wrote the ticket). Further, I was dissuaded from pursuing cross examination by the judge’s threats of holding me in contempt.

This was a pro se hearing and no court reporter was present and no transcript was made. So what the appellate court has received is only a copy of the ticket and a copy of the judgement.

I made a personal recording of the proceeding and created my own transcript from that, so I can submit in my affidavit as much or as little detail relative to that segment of the proceeding as necessary.

So what language should I use in my affidavit andshould just be a regular affidavit or does it have some kind of special heading? It was recommended to me to file a “supporting affidavit stating the facts of what happened, but I’m not sure exactly what is or isn’t a fact and what to include in general. Please advise and thanks.

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