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Why do I feel like someone should save me ?

Asked by partyrock (3870points) December 1st, 2011

I’m not sure how to explain this question. I fall in love really easily, and I end up really liking people easily. Whenever I “like” someone I always feel like they could be my savior….. That they will finally be that someone who will understand me, and truly love me. I feel like it will be the end to all things hard, and I visualize, If I just had one true love, it will be the end of my worries… I’m not sure how to explain this. It’s been happening since about middle school. I think if I just met one person who would be my savior, I wouldn’t feel so empty/lost.

I have good friends around me, a great family, I have good social skills, so it’s not anything in those departments that is lacking.

Has anyone felt this way?

It also crushes me too. When a relationship doesn’t work out or if it goes awry, it makes me feel like I will never find someone who will be my everything. Does this sound weird?

I keep thinking in my mind he will bring out the best in me, he will save me, he will be my soul mate, he will be everything I’ve ever asked for in a guy, I will marry him, I will be in a long relationship with him…. and a few months later if I break up with a guy it makes me feel sad. Anyone know what I’m talking about? Thanks.

Could I just be addicted to love as they say ?

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