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What is the longterm goal of nations of the world?

Asked by 6rant6 (13672points) February 7th, 2012

When things come up in the news, like China and Russia vetoing the Syrian resolution in the UN, it makes me wonder what their longterm vision of the world is. I know that many decisions countries make are based on what will be of most benefit next year, but there must be some consideration given to the long term view.

For example, if peace were the long term vision, a nation would probably do whatever is possible to prevent war.

It’s my opinion (and I welcome yours) that the long term vision the United States shares (gives/ forces on?) the world is that of individual liberty and its cousin democracy. The Muslim theocracies obviously are after religious orthodoxy. But what does China want to do after the world is theirs? What do the Japanese want, or the Russians, or India? Do smaller countries have any long term intent, or are they just hanging on for the ride, perhaps trying to become important in their region?

What’s your opinion?

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