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Where can I buy a high quality spiral notebook?

Asked by yuengling1829 (27points) February 26th, 2012

I need a spiral notebook that fits these specifications:

- a “5 subject notebook,” but I don’t care if it has dividers. A least 200 sheets of paper.
– a strong coil that can take some abuse.
– large paper size. Anywhere between A4 and 11.75×9.25.
thick paper. 24 pound would be enough. Definitely not less than 20.
– a sturdy cover.
– college ruled.

Ampad used to used to make something like this, but they must have stopped because I can’t find the type I used to like anywhere.

Staples made one that was ok, but they recently started using cheaper paper. The brands commonly carried in drug stores like 5 Star and Mead never seem to have good enough paper.

Anyone know of a company who makes the kind of notebook I’m looking for?

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