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For those with disabilities, how do you keep a job?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30550points) May 7th, 2012

This question is mainly for users who have a disability, but it’s open for assistance from anyone.

Please note this is a general section question.

As many of you here know, I have been diagnosed with bipolar 1 disorder, and I live on government disability. My ability to hold a job steadily decreased from the time I was diagnosed. I was declared totally disabled in 2007 and attempted to go back to work for two disastrous months in late 2008. That job left me catatonic on my sofa.

I’ve recently heard about a job in the mental health field that I believe I could try. It’s called a peer specialist and seems to basically be one person with a mental illness coaching others with the same problems on life issues from choosing to live a healthy lifestyle to filling out bureaucratic forms. The job would be part-time.

My question to others with disabilities is how you do it. How do you manage your life so that stress does not overwhelm you? How do you maintain your work-life balance satisfactorily? How do you stay healthy?

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