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24 fans, can you help with a possible loophole question on the now defunct show?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25020points) June 2nd, 2012

[ 24 tv show SPOILER ALERT! ]

I just recently started watching 24 in Netflix and I’m on the second season about 5 episodes in. ( I think )

I can’t seem to enjoy continue watching because this possible “big loophole” keeps bugging me. Right after Tony Almeida went out the room to check on Mr. Warner’s supposed CIA connection and a CTU agent accompanied Reza to his office to get some business data from the company computer…why is it that no one seemed to have called the CIA and ask about those money forwarded to the terrorist-?

Mr. Warner said his company was being used as a conduit by the CIA but after about 2 hours in, Tony was telling this female agent he is starting to think Mr. Warner could be telling the truth. He should have verified that with the CIA, much, much earlier, if it was to be believable.

Did I miss something-? Is it because I have been watching non-stop for hours at this point-? ( kidding ) Hope someone could help!

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