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Getting rid of catalogues---a question on identity/addresses... help! (Details follow.)

Asked by DarlingRhadamanthus (11250points) July 19th, 2012

I am helping someone clear out stuff to move to a new place. She had four or five stacks of catalogues…there were about 200, most were still in plastic. I thought they were old catalogues and she said, “No, these are just the summer catalogues….” I didn’t believe her, but sure enough they were all recent spring and summer catalogues. These were clothing catalogues, home dec catalogues, gift catalogues…you name it. She does a lot of catalogue shopping (No kidding..:)

I wanted to just toss them out into the rubbish/recycle, addresses, info and all. But she said, “No…we have to get rid of the addresses and check to see if there are customer numbers inside before we do that.” We started to do that and some of them had special offer “letters” or contests where they kept mentioning her family name over and over in different places and then it just got annoying. I said she was being too careful. She said, “Can’t be too careful these days.” It got annoying…and time consuming…so we set them aside to do this weekend.

My question: Do you think we need to go through each one, rip the name out (or mark it out) and then look for any identifying customer information, and get rid of that, too? Or is it safe to just toss them in the rubbish and forget about them?

Thank you.

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