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Car had headgasket job now something is wrong?

Asked by trypaw (332points) July 21st, 2012

Ok so, long story short took my car in to finally get my leaking head gasket fixed this past Thursday (at a pretty well known place). Before this the car ran fine, smooth. No other problems other than this gasket. Like literally, I have a great car. Well Went to pick it up yesterday and they said the head was replaced (they did the timing belt too) but it was idling rough and was acting funny, so they were going to try to figure it out today. Well today rolls around and they have apparently 3 people working on it for almost 7 hours. They replaced a crank shift, and a cracked cam sensor ( I think that’s what they said) these obviously werent broke before. They started up and they took it for a couple runs. I came to pick it up and imminently after starting it I knew this wasn’t right. I know my car. I started it up, very loud rev as it turned on, shaky idle, as I started to drive whenever I pressed the gas pedal the car would make a vrooooom rev sound. My brakes were more hard and the car just ran kinda crappy. So I U-turned it and took it back. They cant get to it until Monday. What could they have possibly done to my car? It was NOT like this and they apparently are having a hard time figuring it out. Any input would be great. i don’t know what to do. I paid them $1000 and my car has new problems. What if they can’t fix it? I had a perfect car and I’m pretty upset. They’re doing all this testing for free and trying to figure it out but I’m really nervous and scared my car is screwed now. What do you think?

Car-98 Dodge Stratus.

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