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How does an individual assert a sense of dominance or inferiority in one self?

Asked by whiteliondreams (1717points) August 6th, 2012

While it may be drawn upon one self to realize that there are classes and categories each person falls into within society, how does a person go about determining which class they are in without being biased or inclined to presume or assume their characteristics without someone asserting such from the outside?

i.e. “I say I am intelligent and witty. You say I am snobby and humorless”.

Aside from being two different perspectives and both being correct or incorrect, the degree to which I am seeking knowledge requires no right or wrong, but what is most closest to being accurate based on actions, inactions, and an actual representation of the person (i.e. Myself).

In this case, how does one realize which morality one falls under within the Nietzsche depiction of master-morality and slave morality? The former being “beyond good and evil”, whereas the latter is “the herd morality”.

I suspect that I feel I am under master-morality by definition, but not by application; whereas, I am under slave-morality based on actions, but not thought or superiority complex.

What are your impressions?

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