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Have you known of anyone with a mild case of lymphoma?

Asked by Aster (18947points) August 17th, 2012

Is it possible to have a slow growing, mild case of lymphoma (Hodgkins Lymphoma) with a soft lump near the collar bone that is there for fifteen years, no cough, frequent napping that increases in frequency for ten years, no discomfort, occasional mild night sweats and a soft lump on the side of the neck (the same side as the clavicle lump) that disappears so often that an endocrinologist is puzzled to the point that the patient has ongoing blood tests and not one doctor has ever brought up the possibility of this alleged illness in five years of testing including a neck biopsy and ultrasound of the neck plus MRI’s that all came back inconclusive? Can a person presenting with all this be ok or do you suspect incompetence in the doctors?

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