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Does suffering from anxiety/panic attacks count as an emergency? (See Details)

Asked by _Whitetigress (4362points) September 3rd, 2012

I’m seeking health insurance through low income state benefits would. Last week I admitted myself to the ER for chest pains after what I think was an anxiety/panic attack, at the time I thought it was a heart attack as I felt my middle chest have a spasm while I was trying to put baby to sleep. I checked out alright, but got myself a hefty bill. I’m 24, part-time student/part-time working/have a son/married. Now I went in for chest pains but I left with the M.D. saying, “The only thing we think it could be is a blood clot, but typically a leg becomes swollen, so you’re good to go!” Something along those lines anyway is what he said. I’m applying to “Medi-Cal.” It’s California’s low income program for those seeking health benefits.

Any ways, I’m at a question where it says,

Does anyone have a personal emergency?
Options are,
1. Immediate Medical Need
2. Pregnancy
3. Child Abuse
4. Domestic Abuse
5. Elder Abuse
6. Other emergency which threatens health or safety

I’m thinking I should check the immediate medical need, so I can further get advice from a M.D. to check out my stress and physical overall health through out the year.

Last year together we made 39K. My wife made about 33 of that, while I was in school/receiving unemployment.

What is your opinion? I would really appreciate some advice.

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