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Is there a valid reason, in terms of technology or wiring, for it taking, like a hundred years, for them to start manufacturing cars where the default is that your headlights turn off when you turn off your ignition?

Asked by lillycoyote (24798points) October 27th, 2012

A hundred years of dead batteries and people being stranded before someone thought “Hey, people sometimes want their headlights on when their cars aren’t running, but maybe we could make that an option, rather than the default?”

I know that that early cars were, and could be crank started; the car I drove in high school, a Renault 10, could be crank started and that car was built in the early 70s, and manual transmissions enable push starting but those don’t seem like good enough reasons to me to make the default that your headlights stay on even after your turn off the car.

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