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What to do with sore muscles?

Asked by flash74686 (478points) November 18th, 2012 from iPhone

So in kendo practice last Thursday, we did a lot of horse stances (a lot like squats… You can find ‘em in google images) and lunges and I’m so out of shape that my thighs are still sore. I live on the fourth floor of my building and I’ve been alternating between taking the elevator because it hurts so badly and the stairs (which I usually do) because it still hurts but then I wonder to myself if maybe taking the stairs regardless might be better for me.

Any ideas? Is it better to rest my legs, or to try to excercise them, at least as much as I’m already accustomed to? Yesterday was the worst day; I could hardy even walk, and sitting down was torture. I’m a lot better today, but still not 100%, which worries me because I have another kendo practice tomorrow and I don’t want to sit out if at all possible.

I guess just in general, what should I be doing now to heal as best as possible?

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