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Is Kevin Bacon right?

Asked by TheProfoundPorcupine (2549points) November 27th, 2012

Here in the UK there is an advert for a mobile phone network starring Kevin Bacon and the advert focuses on the 6 degrees idea and him showing how he is linked to every actor in the world.

The question is can you link yourself to somebody famous in six moves or less? There must be a link such as you are friends with somebody, there is a work connection or anything else that is not just down to you saw them in McDonalds and you worked in McDonalds for 3 months in 1995

I will start and give an example.

Me to Lionel Messi (best soccer player on the planet)

Me – neighbour I have lived beside for over 20 years who worked for a football club and cleaned the kit for Sir Alex Ferguson who signed Gerald Pique who now plays for Barcelona and is a team mate of Lionel Messi.

Me – Neighbour – Sir Alex Ferguson – Gerald Pique – Lionel Messi

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