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I need some advice on this situation?

Asked by Shippy (9873points) November 30th, 2012

I said advice, but I probably mean input. No one can truly advise another, but sometimes, an idea can change a lot.

My sons father has passed away. My son is old enough to be completely self supporting. It is a great blow to him, as his dad was everything, and more. Plus, he supported my son financially. So the loss if huge. Dad was larger than life! My son idolized him.

I have planned prior to this, to move overseas. Due to huge issues I am having on a personal level. The first thing my son said is “You can’t go”.

I wont go until he is settled. So will of course postpone my leaving date which was to January 29th. How can I reassure my son? How can I make sure he knows he is not alone, despite my physical move? I love him with all my heart. I don’t want to cause him anymore distress. But I have to go, I don’t have any choice, due to a lot of factors. This is really tough. So any thoughts, ideas so on, appreciated. (He is engaged to a lovely lady by the way, which I am so grateful for). I will also of course be heartbroken “leaving” him. (He is 30).

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