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Another mass shooting!

Asked by Strauss (20295points) December 14th, 2012

This is happening all too often. Let this thread be a place where we can react and comment on how you are affected. We can and probably will have a strong conversation on the politics and gun control on another thread or more. The nation is still not fully healed from Aurora last July; over the past few decades we have seen massacres in Geneva County, AL in 2009; Tucson in 2009 (Gabby Giffords); Fort Hood 2009; Virginia Tech in 2007; the Beltway Snipers in 2002; Columbine CO 1999; San Ysidro CA 1984; Luby’s, Killeen TX, 1991; University of Texas Austin 1966.

In my recent posts about the Aurora shooting, I mentioned the healing process. I’m convinced that these types of incidents leave a scar on the collective psyche, and rather than heal, we may only desensitize.

BTW, Here’s another related question that was posted simultaneously.

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