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Why is it permissible for people to insult my God, which disrespects me, but should I, or anyone else insult gays we would be rebuked?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26780points) December 14th, 2012

On other threads God, is belittled to being of no more important than the Easter Bunny, Santa, or unicorns, etc, or he is called asshole, or that He is referred as this or that. Sometimes it is simply taking His name in vain. Notwithstanding, my personal or Biblical beliefs about homosexuality if I were to use gays or the word gay (with its implied usage), such as ”don’t do that, it is so gay”, etc (which I don’t, by the way) I would be accuse of spreading hate, being disrespectful or a homophobe. Why do other people get to utilize and belittle God, the King of kings, El Shaddai, the Lord of Lords, the Mighty I Am, the Alpha and the Omega, which I find insulting and disrespectful? Frankly, I would be weary of making sport of the Lord that way or to imply His motives or nature is whacked or you might find a curse on your home, family and finances you don’t want, though many will just chalk it up to chronic bad luck.

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What do you mean “no more important than the Easter Bunny?”

No one in mythology is more important.

But if you want to insult gays, it’s okay with me. Just don’t hold them in higher esteem than the Easter Bunny.

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When people are being dicks to you, you notice. When you are being a dick to other people, it is less apparent.

I have noticed this tendency in myself sometimes, and I work actively to be less of a dick.

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Differing opinions are not disrespectful, it’s only your ego that’s feeling bent out of shape.
Just because you believe in what you believe in has nothing to do with disrespect.
Why do you disrespect and discount others freedom to believe what they choose?
You do not hold the monopoly on ultimate truth, nobody does, remove the log from your own eye before pointing out the splinter in anothers.

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Because respect for fellow humans and their rights trumps asinine beliefs which condone such ignorant behavior.

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When someone disrespects their fellow human beings based on biological differences over which they have no control, many feel compelled to defend those persons – especially if they are not present to defend themselves – and to remind the disrespectful that we humans are more alike than we are different.

If your faith tells you that there is a god, then it probably also tells you that your deity is omnipresent and omniscient, and knows who the hypocrites are and who is disrespectful and will deal with them accordingly.

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@Blackberry There is no reason to disrespect anyone for their beliefs and I don’t believe most people on here that do would actually say the things they say on here to people they know in real life.
I have never disrespected anyone on Fluther for their beliefs and can’t understand why people disrespect mine. It’s your type of answers that make me wonder why I stay.

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It bothers me, @Hypocrisy_Central, and I always remind myself that although it is the norm on Fluther with the handful of posting members, it isn’t the norm in my world nor is that type of talk common with the majority of people in the world.

Me too, @chyna. Me too.

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God is many things to many people and nothing to some. Fact. We can only do our best to be good examples and let everyone take the path that works for them. It is hard but I’ve learned that listening to atheists and others here is very enlightening. Remember He was spit upon and beaten and mocked and then killed and still said Father forgive them for they know not what they do. So opinions won’t hurt us too much my friend we are strong right!

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@chyna That answer was directed at the specific question. This guy really asked why it’s ok for people to insult his religion that condones discrimination…...

Edit: I should have said “his interpretation of his religion”.

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You sound upset. May I recommend some Smiths?

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No it doesn’t that is his interpretation of the Bible. I have gay friends that love Jesus and I will never demean my Lord by hurting others. It actually makes me furious that people still think it’s a choice.

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Because in general, and in a lot of places, only insulting the person is seen as wrong. You can call homosexuality wrong and sinful all you want, but as soon as you start calling people “faggot” it’s offensive. Likewise, I can say God is hypocritical, wrong, and contradictory all I want, but I couldn’t insult you because of your beliefs. Maybe for some, insulting their sexual orientation is just as offensive as insulting your beliefs. You wouldn’t agree with that because to you, your beliefs are far more important than sexual orientation, but guess what? We don’t all agree on that. My sexuality is a part of me and insulting homosexuality is disrespecting me.

But we don’t get to decide some things relating to people are off-limits and other things are fair game. So to be fair, you don’t insult people directly; but you can speak negatively about things relating to people, whether that be sexual orientation or beliefs. There’s really no other way to do it without giving special treatment to some group.

Because for example: Saying that gays are responsible for the shooting in Connecticut is EXTREMELY offensive to me. Just because it’s not insulting a deity doesn’t mean that it’s not just as insulting to someone else. We all have our own idea of what’s insulting. If one is allowed, then so is the other, and if one isn’t allowed, then neither is the other.

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The question isn’t asking: you can insult me why can’t I insult you. The question is asking: why don’t we defend and respect each other?

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@bkcunningham “Why should we insult at all?” and “Why can’t I insult B if you insult A?” are different questions. This question asked the latter; I answered accordingly.

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It isn’t how I read the question, @DominicX. Perhaps, @Hypocrisy_Central would be kind enough to clarify the question.

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@KNOWITALL Look at like this: insulting gays is directly insulting people. Insulting God is insulting something relating to people. That’s why this is not a fair comparison. A better comparison would be insulting Christians/theists.

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I get to insult your impotent, silent, irrational, whimsical, and in all liklihood, non-existent god, because I am free to do so.

Through much of human civilisation, your sort of religious norms and sensibilities were protected by vicious amounts of state violence, with both blasphemy and homosexuality as criminal offences, punishable by anything up to death.

Thankfully we had the Enlightenment, and religious power waned, with government and laws increasingly based on secular principles rather than religious ones.

There’s still a lot wrong with society and governments, but unshackling ourselves from having to pander to the delusions of the religious is one of the greater achievements of humanity in recent times.

It’s a good deal we have now. You’re free to believe in whatever god you like, no matter how implausible and preposterous, and I get to mock your beliefs and your god without fear of death or punishment. Apart from your amusingly hollow “chronic bad luck.” LOL.

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Let’s see if we can agree about how we decide what reality is. Hopefully, our definition will include some kind of standard for evidence.

Then we will submit gays and god to the test for reality. We will accord them respect in keeping with the amount of evidence supporting their reality.

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Insulting God to me does nothing but make me feel as sorry for you as much as you think we’re delusional. Believing in God does not mean we support murder of homosexuals though so lets keep it real. It feels like some of you enjoy bashing Christians though and it seems very ugly at times just fyi.

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@KNOWITALL Just as well as people think your belief in God is delusional, people think my sexuality is depraved. And as much as I might hate hearing that, I have to respect people’s right to believe it and say it.

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Ummmm…...some interesting comments, many who missed the mark or the gist of the question. Though I have no time to address them at the moment, I certainly will tomorrow. I would leave you with this, I am not trying to support insulting gays or anyone else. My God says to live peacefully with ALL men (which includes women). My God became a sacrifice for ALL who accepts where they were and except His gift of salvation, but i will get to the rest tomorrow.

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I know and I’m sorry some people feel that way. Theres a church here that welcomes gays loves them and prays them hetero its crazy.

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Another thing about “insult” (sorry for rambling and sorry if this is not 100% on topic, but I’m bored): While you may not be trying to defend anyone’s “right to insult” or whatever, problems arise when certain beliefs are viewed as insulting in and of themselves. Let’s face it: I believe your God is non-existant. I’m not calling your God an “asshole”, but I am stating a belief of mine. To some, just stating what I believe is insulting. Likewise, (still going with the God vs. gay theme), some people simply believe that homosexuality is wrong. They’re not calling gays “gross” or calling them “faggots” or telling them to go to hell, they’re just stating their beliefs. But to some, those beliefs in themselves are insulting. That’s a problem…! If beliefs themselves can be insulting even if they’re not articulated as outright insults…how do we manage mutual respect?

I’m not saying I view either of those beliefs as insulting, but I know some people do.

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I’m not sure what you’re really asking here, but I’ll assume and try to answer this. One point is an attack on a person for something that can’t be helped, while the other is an ‘attack’ on an entity that we don’t know even exists.

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Gays factually exist.

God exist in ones mind. (This goes for any God or Gods or Goddesses believed in)

God exist in the realm of belief reality

While Gays exist in the realm of actual reality, things that can be measured by tools on earth. Facts if you will.

Believe it or not I believe making fun or disrespecting someones God or Gods or Goddesses is just as wrong as disrespecting someone who is Gay or Lesbian.

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I think the age of gays being affected by insults for being gays is coming to an end. More and more people I think are tolerant, understanding, accepting and loving of them. The only holdouts would be religious people who choose to follow the anti-homosexual teachings of their religion.

Is it acceptable to insult a God who is anti-homosexual-? For me, yes. Absolutely. Is it acceptable to insult a God whom one believes does not exist even if it will hurt the feeling of another human being-? I really don’t think so.

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