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Am I recognizing my feelings correctly?

Asked by BBawlight (2400points) January 7th, 2013

I don’t really feel like I am lately.
It’s like they’re there, I know they’re there, but it’s like “Hi… Who are you again?”
Especially anger. I see people get infuriated all the time and I don’t really see any reason to be getting that angry. Sure, I feel a bit frustrated sometimes, but it’s not anything really worth calling it ‘angry’. Just like an itch on the palm of your hand or something.

Lately happiness has been doing this, too. It’s almost the opposite sometimes, though. I get really happy or excited about something, then I’ll question why it really was worth getting so hyped up about. Why does this make me (emotion)?
How does my body react when I’m (emotion)?
Am I really (insert random emotion) right now?

It’s been nagging at my mind and I think I’m either easing into another depersonalization phase or I’m going into depression… again.
Is this normal? Do all people go through this and is this how I’m supposed to react to things? Really, I have no idea…

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