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Why is my personal info available online?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34455points) January 8th, 2013

This question was sparked by my response over here. Every couple months or so I will do Google search on my name an see if anything comes up, if it does I take down whatever links there are to me. Call it paranoia or whatever you will but I just don’t like having that info out there.

For the longest time if you Googled my name you would get nothing, today after my response in that question I googled my name and came across this site not only did it have my full name but it had the town I’m living in. I find this extremely disturbing that this information is readily available on the internet.

According to the site’s FAQ “2. Why do I have a listing on MyLife.comĀ® if I never joined?
The information in these listings comes from a variety of records in the public domain and is already accessible to anyone who may be trying to reconnect with you. MyLife.comĀ® has simply assembled a listing on your behalf with all the information in an easy-to-read format so people can reconnect with you.”

The only way to contact this site is by calling an 888 number, not email or anything like that, but calling a number (assholes). “your privacy is a top concern for us at” Fuck you I also find it hard to believe that its all from public domain things since the only thing related to my real name in any way what-so-ever on Google is from this site. If its all from public domain info shouldn’t more results with my name come up?

And if “The information in these listings comes from a variety of records in the public domain” how exactly did it get there? I don’t have a facebook or any other social media profiles. I never mention my real name online and especially not where I live, at most only that I’m from south jersey but certainly not the town. I suppose address could be easily tracked by IP but to get my full name? Its not like my name is on the ISP bills or anything like that so how exactly was this information gathered?

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